THEDAY Agro Industry plc plans to increase its range of jam products to 6 by adding Orange, Pineapples and mixed fruits jam.


We are honored that consumers choose our iconic brands and portfolio of trusted products as part of their everyday meals, snacks shared with friends and family. It is through these times that we connect with each other, nurture relationships, build meaningful traditions, and create lasting bonds with those most special to us.

At THEDAY, we recognize and respect the power of family mealtime. By focusing our business around convenient, delicious, good products, we help support the power of family meals and all its benefits.

What we do?

Theday Agro Industry PLC produces financially viable, economically feasible, environmentally friendly and socially beneficial, diversified and assorted quality products including fruit jams, juice, ketchup and purified mineral water.

We produce quality fruit jams through a full capacity manufacturing plant for both domestic and export markets.

How we do it?

Our Product Quality

Customers Reviews

truly quality jam made by a truly impressive company. This jam has very few ingredients with no additives, making for such a delicious and pure taste. I promise you, you will find no better jam on the market. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this jam, you are in for a true treat.
Alexa m

Good Business Practices

Good business practices form the basis for all of our relationships with employees, customers, competitors and suppliers. Our decisions revolve around their impact on our customers and our desire to make it easier to do business with Theday Agro Industry Plc.

Theday's jams are just the best! love having them in the morning on toast or pancakes. The great taste and the natural healthy ingredients set the day with the right tone. yummy!
Aida mengistu
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